Cat Naps

I’ve never been one to indulge in taking naps. In fact, I’ve avoided them at all costs. My theory was it would ruin a good night’s sleep. I started to rethink my opinion after chatting with my brother John and reading a couple websites. John insists on taking a nap everyday around 1:30pm. Interestingly enough, one of the articles I landed on says the most appropriate time in the day for a nap is between 1-3pm. It seems medical science would say John is right and I am forced to admit my baby brother has a valid point.

Apparently, taking a nap a couple days a week is good for your heart, lowers your blood pressure and has multiple positive side effects. The brain cleans itself out of useless short term memory. To me it sounds a lot like a soft reboot to your brain. However, I am not a medical expert and it’s not my intent in this blog to provide you with all the sources of information you need to make an informed decision. I will say I am changing my opinion of the nap. With my new found retirement, I’ve even taken a few naps and might make a point of doing them more frequently.

The length of a nap can vary as to what your body actually requires. If you experience a bad night’s sleep, you may need a longer nap of ~40 minutes. On the other hand, if your brain needs a quick reboot it could be as short as 5 minutes and so on. I recently took up yoga classes at my Movati Athletic Gym and specialists say the benefits of yoga are similar to a nap. In short, giving the brain a rest in the day is good for everyone and recommended.

Now I wonder why do we call it a cat nap?? If you follow me on Instagram, I admit I post far too many pics of my three kitties: Lucy, Ethel and Betty. These three little creatures do not power nap for JUST 40 minutes in a day, so I am not convinced ‘cat nap’ is the most appropriate expression. A nap is defined as a short period of sleep. Ethel and Lucy seem to sleep the better part of the day. Their time awake is far less than their time asleep. I sometimes think Betty sleeps because the other two are just that boring; which by the way, we got Betty in part to give Lucy some life as she seemed bored by Ethel. ย Eventually, it became Lucy and Betty sleeping together the better part of the day. Ethel is independent in every way including her bed. Gone are the days she and Lucy sleep together.

This leads me to say that in my experience the best nap is one taken with a cat. They do have a calming effect. A power nap on the couch usually brings a little creature around to investigate that I am alright. There is nothing more comforting when I’m sick in bed then a couple of cats keeping me company. Betty often curls up to me at about 4:00 in the morning and softly purrs while she spoons me. Every night I fall asleep with Lucy at the foot of the bed. If she’s not there, I have to do a search of the whole house to make sure she didn’t get locked in a room or closet – Lucy is just that predictable. She is my protector and a little Mama who wants everyone to sleep well. We always say she does a full reconnaissance of the house, checking that doors are locked, everyone is accounted for and only then can she crawl into bed. She often comes to the top of the bed and gives a meow to me, then wanders to Rick and gives him a meow as if to say ‘sleep tight’ and returns to her place at my feet.

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One thought on “Cat Naps

  1. When I was home with the kids, we napped everyday from 1-2:30. It was so warm and toasty. It was Zachary & Alex (kids), Miles & Erwin (Kitties)…and me. I miss that so much. I honestly think I was healthier for it, it calmed me right down.

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